Multimodal Shannon's Game

Begin by clicking "next sentence".

Please evaluate your prediction:

In this experiment you're going to be predicting the next word in a sentence, starting with the first word. Your task is to think about the next word (a specific word) and then click a number corresponding to how confident you are in your prediction: Afterwards, the word is shown and you should evaluate how close your prediction was. Some of the sentences may be accompanied by images, labelled images, a set of labels or snippets of items (you may need to scroll down to see all). You should use these to improve your prediction.

The whole session should not last longer than 20-30 minutes. Please take breaks only after you just finished your sentence, before clicking next sentence. This is important as we are evaluating also the reaction times. Do not close this window throughout the experiment as your progress would be lost.

This experiment is done by ÚFAL @ Charles University by Sunit Bhattacharya, Vilém Zouhar and Ondřej Bojar. Please direct your questions and report any issues to