Genetically refined wheels in 2D is a semestral project by Vilém Zouhar at MFF

Binaries (for much higher performance and stability)

Linux (Debian tested)

What's this about?

Grewh2D (genetically refined wheels in 2D) is a small program demonstrating the beauty of genetic algorithms. Created by Vilém Zouhar (@ViliX64) as a semestral project at Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in 2018.
Genomes in this program represent polygons with attached circles, also known as cars. Their goal is to reach the other end of the map.

In-simulation parameters are:
Population size: number of cars created in the next iteration
Terrain hardness: average height difference of terrain blocks
Kill timer: how often to kill the least capable car
Simulation speed: self explanatory
Individual/From parents: how many genomes should be based on mutating one individual, or be derived from parents
Mutation: mutation size

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