Before taking part in the next Ludum Dare, I wanted to learn PhaserJS. And there isn't an easier way to learn a framework than to just make a game. Long story short: I made a game.

Fortunately it's not something huge. I made it almost in 2 weeks, but I am (mostly) satisfied. The game is called Whipbit Solutions and I sumbitted it to GameJolt, and Newgrounds.

It's like Software Development Tycoon, except for it's not. It's on a smaller scale and micro management is much more important. You can use whips to motivate your developers, hence increasing their productivity.

The goal is to get lots of money or high reputation. Being in debt at the end of the month will make you lose the game. Money can be gained through projects, which have various lengths, rewards, reputation penalties and require some skills.

I'm mostly satisfied with what I've done, but there are two things that I wish had gone otherwise:

Optimalization. At first, the game ran smoothly and everything was just fine, but in the end (when I rushed), things started to go spaghetti and that wasn't good.

Difficulty. Only if I had more time to playtest. It is almost impossible to win, hence I published some newer versions that are a bit easier. Balancing was just never my thing.

I put the source code on GitHub. If you'd like to add new devs, projects or just mess around with the code, you're welcome :)