Publications/Academia (see Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar)

Re-visiting Automated Topic Model Evaluation with Large Language Models
Dominik Stammbach, Vilém Zouhar, Alexander Hoyle, Mrinmaya Sachan, Elliott Ash
In review
Enhancing Textbooks with Visuals from the Web for Improved Learning
Janvijay Singh, Vilém Zouhar, Mrinmaya Sachan
In review
PWESuite: Phonetic Word Embeddings and Tasks They Facilitate
Vilém Zouhar, Kalvin Chang, Chenxuan Cui, Nathaniel Carlson, Nathaniel Robinson, Mrinmaya Sachan, David Mortensen
In review
Multimodal Shannon Game with Images
Vilém Zouhar,= Sunit Bhattacharya,= Ondřej Bojar
Poor Man's Quality Estimation: Predicting Reference-Based MT Metrics Without the Reference
Vilém Zouhar, Shehzaad Dhuliawala, Wangchunshu Zhou, Nico Daheim, Tom Kocmi, Yuchen Eleanor Jiang, Mrinmaya Sachan
EACL 2023
Sentence Ambiguity, Grammaticality and Complexity Probes
Sunit Bhattacharya,= Vilém Zouhar,= Ondřej Bojar
BlackboxNLP 2022
Stroop Effect in Multi-Modal Sight Translation
Sunit Bhattacharya, Vilém Zouhar, Věra Kloudová, Ondřej Bojar
Fusing Sentence Embeddings Into LSTM-based Autoregressive Language Models
Vilém Zouhar, Marius Mosbach, Dietrich Klakow
Shrinking Knowledge Base Size: Dimension Reduction, Splitting & Filtering
Vilém Zouhar
Master thesis 2022
Knowledge Base Index Compression via Dimensionality and Precision Reduction
Vilém Zouhar, Marius Mosbach, Miaoran Zhang, Dietrich Klakow
ACL Spa-NLP 2022
EMMT: A simultaneous eye-tracking, 4-electrode EEG and audio corpus for multi-modal reading and translation scenarios
Sunit Bhattacharya, Věra Kloudová, Vilém Zouhar, Ondřej Bojar
Neural Machine Translation Quality and Post-Editing Performance
Vilém Zouhar, Ondřej Bojar, Martin Popel, Aleš Tamchyna
EMNLP 2021
Providing Backtranslation Improves Users Confidence in MT, Not Quality
Vilém Zouhar, Michal Novák, Matúš Žilinec, Ondřej Bojar, Mateo Obregón, Robin L. Hill, Frédéric Blain, Marina Fomicheva, Lucia Specia, Lisa Yankovskaya
NAACL 2021
Artefact Retrieval: Overview of NLP Models with Knowledge Base Access
Vilém Zouhar, Marius Mosbach, Debanjali Biswas, Dietrich Klakow
Sampling and Filtering of Neural Machine Translation Distillation Data
Vilém Zouhar
Leveraging Neural Machine Translation for Word Alignment
Vilém Zouhar, Daria Pylypenko
PBML 116
WMT20 Document-Level Markable Error Exploration
Vilém Zouhar, Tereza Vojtěchová, Ondřej Bojar
Extending Ptakopět for MT User Interaction Experiments
Vilém Zouhar, Michal Novák
PBML 115
Outbound Translation User Interface Ptakopet: A Pilot Study
Vilém Zouhar, Ondřej Bojar
LREC 2020
A Collection of Machine Learning Excercises
Martin Holub, Barbora Vidová Hladká, Vilém Zouhar
Teaching material
Statistical Natural Language Processing Presentations
Vilém Zouhar, Awantee Deshpande, Julius Steuer
Teaching material
Enabling Outbound Machine Translation
Vilém Zouhar
Bachelor thesis 2020
Evaluating Optimal Reference Translations
Vilém Zouhar, Věra Kloudová, Martin Popel, Ondřej Bojar
In review
Paper on tokenization (1)
main author
In review
Paper on tokenization (2)
main author
In review
Paper on beam-search
n-th author
In review