Ptakopět (version 1)

Ptakopět v1 (Překlad tam a kontrolně zpět) is a browser agnostic plugin/script for agile forward and backward translation. It was developed by Vilém Zouhar in WS2018/19 at the Charles University in a class (Competing in Machine Translation) led by Ondřej Bojar. A functioning example can be found here. It is no longer maintained. A second version can be found here

Ptakopět can be used as a browser extension ( Chrome, Firefox, Opera ), or can be added to any website by including the source files and this snippet:
      <script id='ptakopet_init' src='dev/ptakopet/js/ptakopet_init.js'></script>

Currently only Czech-English translation is supported. The source code is hosted on Github.

Test section

Input 1 (cs):

Input 2 (en):

Teaxtarea 1 (cs):