From 18-04 to 19-04-2015 I took part in Ludum Dare 32 competition. I named my game: 'Ageless Machine: Cup of Tea'.

If you haven't played the game, do it now.

If you got stuck at some particular puzzle part, watch this walkthrough.

Here are some things that may help you understand the story:

1. It's just an ordinary tea. Puppeteers just tell you it's a poison and thats the point when you start to believe every word they say. (Just because they told you they control your mind.)

2. Not all phone calls were from The Puppeteer and not all notes were from The Redeemer.

3. You became The Puppeteer the very moment you told someone to murder the current puppeteer.

4. The Puppeteer you sent someone to kill was The Redeemer that invited you to the tunnels.

5. The guy who invited you to the tunnels (The Redeemer at that time) turned into The Puppeteer when he had the current puppeteer killed.

6. In the whole 'machine' there is a repetitive cycle of thing: Cup of Tea - The Puppet - The Redeemer - The Thief.

7. You have gone through all of the stages (and so did every other character that communicated with you).

8. You died because the current redeemer thought of you as The Puppeteer (someone that has to be destroyed) and sent the current puppet to kill you. (Just as you did before.)

9. The cycle goes on and on forever.

I hope it's now clear. Here's a handy pic:

Thanks for reading this blog post. If you liked the story and the game, tweet something nice at me or just rate the game :)