After a brief pause (2 LDs) I took part in Ludum Dare again (35th this time). The theme was Shapeshifting and I created an adventure game called Disquieting Excerpts from My Diary. Since its an adventure game, the theme is not in the mechanics, but rather in the story. Someone who plays games somewhat shallowly will miss it.

Before I get into analysing my own game: If you read this and haven't played the game yet, I advise you to do so. If you're here for the walkthrough, scroll below.

The story begins with Claire informing you (the player) that you both have to move on. What follows is a sequence of locations from which you have to escape. The escape is always guarded by a figure that wants you to do some tasks. After fulfilling the task, you can continue. There are 4 locations and 5 figures in total. The gameplay is a classic adventure with an inventory, but the game is full of notes (excerpts from a diary) that inform you about the underlying happening.

If you played the game, you could have noticed that there's a writing on the wall next to each figure: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sounds familiar? Yup, that's Kübler-Ross model of coping with grief. The whole game leads you through all those phases. I was playing with the idea of making a game whose story is centered around this for some tim for some time.

Got stuck? Don't worry, here's how to get to the end:

First location:

You have to get a paper, write something on it and stamp it. Papers and pen are on the table in the room on the right, but the stamper is hidden. To find it you have to open a secret safe behind the library bookshelf. To open it, you have to put three books in it, but in the correct place: Sartre should be on the shelf with French literature, Plato on the one with Greek philosophy and Sun Tzu on the last one. Books are: on the table, in the corner of the room in the back and between paintings in the hall. After you get all the necessary items, combine them together and give it to the figure.

Second location:

Here you have to find 6 breakable objects and bring them to the figure. There's a vase next to the figure. In the kitchen there's a plate in the cupboard and a vase in the room adjoining it. Two items are in the safe in the room on the right. The code is 3241 (CBDA). Use the screwdriver to get a key out of the sink. Use it to to unlock the door behind you. There lies the last item.

Third location:

There are two figures in this location. The blue one wants a poem and the yellow one an apple in exchange for the poem. In the farthest room grab a handsaw and a hammer. Pack of nails is in the left corner of the room with a window. Use handsaw on the plank in the back-left room. Combine nails and planks and finally add a hammer. You should have a ladder now. Use it to go down the hole and get the apple. You'll receive the poem, which you can give to the blue figure.

Fourth location:

You'll start in an elevator. Ultimately you want to get to the first floor, but the elevator has to be powered on (you need 4 fuses) and unlocked. Both control panels are in the back of the location. First fuse is in the room on the left. You'll also find a key there lying on the floor, which can be used to unlock the opposite door. You'll find a second fuse there. The last two are in the rooms in the back. Plug all four fuses in. The gray box can be solved by propositional logic, but here's the solution: OFF, OFF, ON, OFF. Now the elevator should be working and you can get to the first floor.

The end, you accepted loss.

I'll be happy to discuss this game with you on Twitter.